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Essential Oils Set - 14 Pack

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  • This set includes the following scents lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, breathe blend, cedarwood, sweet orange, rosemary, good sleep blend, tea tree, stress relief blends, lemon, peppermint, robbers, and muscle relief blend.
  • The 14 bottle set is placed in beautiful high-quality 5ml colored glass bottles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great value!

This is a wonderful set. The oils are very high quality, and it includes all the important basics. My only complaint is that it’s tricky to get the drops to dispense consistently... some bottles you really have to shake, some the oil drips out too fast. But the oils themselves are great, very potent. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase.

Take your pick

I love the wide variety of scents with these oils. There are 14 but endless amount of mixes that you can come up with.

(UPDATE!) Would be 5 stars

Today i got a 2nd order of this with out any email or notification letting me know. I just assume they were trying to make it right. I wasn't expecting it. They are all full and all smell delicious! Thank you if i ever need more i will definitely order from them again! Great customer service thank you!So far i have made soap, bath bombs and shaving cream with these. Definitely recommend.So i got this package quickly and everything packaged safely. I love the variety of smells. (I'm making soaps, lotions etc). But i go to use the lemon oil and its 1/4 full. I had just opened it to where i had to unlock the top. Kind of disappointed.

They were a Christmas present and it would have been great to have the box for wrapping purposes ...

Update from prior review: after leaving prior review seller did reach out to me regarding the packaging and the opened bottle of oil. They were very sweet and prompt in replacing the entire package of oils! They arrived this time perfectly in tack with no open bottles! Thank you so much! Even though I didn’t have time to send the other set back prior to Christmas your prompt attention to this issue was amazing! I will order from you again even at Christmas! Just to further my review, the recipient of the previous orders tells me they truly are very nice with clear and beautiful scents..thank you again for your response!!I was surprised when these arrived, they had fallen out of their original box which was torn. They were open and all in the shipping envelope and the containers are glass. Non were broken which also surprised me or I would have returned them! They were a Christmas present and it would have been great to have the box for wrapping purposes but there was no saving it. One of the oils was already open but it didn’t look like any oil was missing. No time to return before Christmas so I just made it work. The oil itself smells great and you really don’t need much to get the scent throughout your house.

Open bottle leads to great customer service

I received this order with the sweet orange oil opened and drained out in the box (smelled lovely though). I was really disappointed as this is probably my favorite scent in the collection. Customer service that supplies the oils was super helpful and very generous and even offered either a refund or replacement of whole set whilst still keeping the original. In the end I agreed to just a new bottle of the orange and there was no problem with that!!! Very happy with the product and even more so with the customer service, they were prompt and professional and I will absolutely continue purchasing from them.