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Wi-Fi Smart Camera - 32 Feet Night Vision - Black

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  • Motion Detection Alerts - Real-time motion detection alerts when a person or thing passes by the camera. A notification is sent to your smartphone through the app to notify you quickly. (IMPORTANT: You can change the Motion Detection Sensitivity within the Settings of the MIPC app).
  • 1080P HD Visuals - 1080P HD quality image and video recording day or night. Powerful, crystal clear visuals provide stable and secure video quality. 350 Horizontal & 100 Vertical lens rotation range. Built-in advanced night vision technology allows a 32 ft. viewing range in the dark.

Customer Reviews

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Great cameras but

These are great security cameras, I have two of them. Great picture, good night vision. Best of all, they don’t require hardly any invasive permissions to use the MPIC app!These work well with a good WiFi signal, if WiFi is weak or you are installing the device far from the router like in the garage, I would use a more expensive security cam like Ring or something. I find the Ring picks up a WiFi signal better.Obvious advantages of this cheaper Tethys security cam is the much cheaper price and I don’t have to pay $3.00 a month to view recorded footage. I can also move the lens all the way up, down and side to side for a much wider field of vision from the mobile app. The Ring does not do this.It’s a great camera so far. I’ve had my other one for a year and a half now and it still works great. We use them to make sure the dogs are ok when we aren’t home.UPDATE: September 8, 2020We use these cameras for our dogs. One of them went doo doo on the floor so when we checked the camera just curious as to who it was it didn’t even record the event. So that’s twice this has happened and it’s so disappointing when you think you have access to video but you don’t. Since motion recording isn’t so reliable I changed it to continuous recording. Also the app doesn’t explain much, I wish it had descriptions by some of the functions.UPDATE September 23, 2020These are good cameras. Only thing is on night vision it makes a click when it switches to night vision and the red light turns on. My thing is this can alert intruders who can easily steal the camera. Like it’s saying, “hey here I am!” I put tape over the red light but when doing that night vision doesn’t work.UPDATE: September 29, 2020So the app can be a little annoying. I’ve gone though recorded videos where it shows motion all the way through the 30 minute video but when I waste my time and scroll through there isn’t any motion. I’m trying to figure out if it’s picking up on noise. I have a camera set by an air filter which makes noise all day so I tried to turn off the record sound as motion option but it doesn’t seem to have that option. The app doesn’t explain some of the more confusing functions so idk.


Amazing. Was hooked up within mins thru app too! Great buy will buy againUpdated:I love this camera!! We've had it for just over a month. We've used it plugged in facing our driveway thru our living room window and it was still great pics. Granted the night vision didn't work so great but it was bc of the screen in the window not the camera. During the day I could still watch videos of cars passing on road 50 ft from house and even take snapshots.We moved recently and now have the camera in our living room to keep an eye on our kids (they are teenage boys and hate it �). The night vision is awesome and is automatic, I have the motion detection set up so when I scrolling thru videos (taken in half hour intervals) it has a notification on videos where there was motion detected. This camera is by far best things I've gotten from to date (and I do alot of shopping on !). I loved it so much I bought a 2nd one for my daughter to watch my granddaughters when they are playing and she is in another room. We can speak thru our phones to get anyone's attention from anywhere (she uses that for dog when he tries to get on furniture when she leaves lol), we can use or mute the volume to hear what's going on, we can move the camera more than 180 degrees if we need to all at our fingertips. Best camera I've ever had!!

More than I expected

So I was just thinking I was going to grab a simple camera to watch my front door but this thing can clearly do a lot more. I can't really give my opinion on all of it since I am obviously a noob at this security camera stuff. The main thing, does it work as a camera? Yep. I can see it with an app on my phone and even move it around. I can also log into a web site to view it and hear sound too! It has a microphone that lets me hear what's going on. Crazy. That one surprised me. It can record video but I haven't really gotten into that. The video can be stored either on a micro sd card or they have a cloud service that you can sub to. I'm not doing either of those. So, cool camera. Does everything that I want it to and a lot more that I'm not taking advantage of.

TETHYS Has a Really Impressive Security Camera BUY THIS!

Picked up 3 of these camera on Prime day 2020 for about $22 each, and placed them inthroughout my home so I able to monitor my whole household. These are really impressive. Super easy to set up using the MIPC App. to Wi-Fi or by using the included ethernet cable directly to your router. I was quite surprised, the cameras have really great picture and video quality, night vision, and love that they all have a 2-way speaker! I ahve seen cameras that were 2 to 3 times more expensive that dont have the features thes cameras have. you are able to capture video by inserting a micro SD or set up a subscription for cloud recordings within the MIPC application. Also love that you can set up motion detection and recording modes in the app. I did not purchase a cloud subscription, bought 16gb micro sd cards, and each camera can record up to 8 days. I also really like that I am now able to monitor my home using the echo show screen. Really great buy!

IP20 Home Camera

The camera itself is an amazing buy under $30. 1080P is crisp and clear and pans are very quiet and pretty smooth. Day time color is excellent and the night time B&W is also very sharp and surprisingly bright. WiFi setup was fairly easy, I had it installed and running in less than 30 minutes.There is a slight learning curve to the menus as with any new app. I really like the ability to take a snapshot or video clip, save it to my phone and attach it to a text message or email. As we often watch our daughter's dog, she likes the updates. I installed a 64 GB micro SD card, the manual says a 32 GB card will hold at most 14 days recording in advanced mode. When full, it overwrites the oldest data The 1 year warranty was a nice surprise and a testament to the quality of manufacture. I'm looking forward to using the camera for a long while.