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Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat - Black

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  • SAVE ABOUT 23% ON HVAC ENERGY: By adjusting the temperature using flexible scheduling, remote access, and geofencing, our customers saved about 23% on HVAC energy usage.
  • INSTALL IN 30 MINUTES OR LESS: Use the built-in level, illuminated easy-click terminals, and step-by-step app instructions for a quick installation. Skip any extra work painting or patching the wall thanks to the standard thermostat size.
  • USAGE REPORTS: Monitor current day and historical heating, cooling, and fan runtimes right in the app.
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Remotely control your home comfort from your smartphone or tablet using the Sensi mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
  • SMART ALERTS: Sensi features smart alerts to help detect extreme temperature and humidity levels in your home.
  • CIRCULATING FAN: Air circulation may improve indoor air quality by helping to regulate temperature and prevent the buildup of particles and mold.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great value for the money and easy installation.

I am not an electrician so please do not see this review as any guidance to do the installation yourself, please hire an electrician. I did have to use the common (blue wire in my case) but that was very easy to do since the common wire was one of the wires that was available to use once I found it tucked inside the wall. Installation was very easy and the instructions were very good. Once the thermostat powered on, I used the app to walk through joining my network which was very easy. It did fail to join the first time but the 2nd time worked. I then sat down and played with the app where I set the schedule. The presets were actually very close to what I had before so there were minimal changes. Keep in mind, schedules are designed to save you money by not hearing or cooling your home when you are away. So if you take a day off in the middle of the week you will need to manually adjust the temperature which is easy from either the app or the really nice touch panel. There are a lot of features with this thermostat. One that I really like is that I have the fan circulating fan kick on once per hour for 15 minutes to recycle the air. I have noticed a reduction in dust in our home since I’ve enabled this feature. Something to note is that there are a handful of additional features on the physical panel that are not available on the app. Maybe in the future they can add these extra controls to the app. This device has a great panel, very clear to read and operate. It has different dimmable display lights, as well as a “night light” which is nice. The display turns orange when heat is running and blue when cooling. I am planning on buying a 2nd one for our upstairs furnace/air conditioner and using their special multiple thermostat app (10 bucks per year I think is the charge) to manage both thermostats in the same app. I hope this is helpful for someone. I did a lot of research and struggled with which one to choose but I am very happy with my choice and has just the right amount of features. I look forward to trying their Geofencing feature. Thanks

A must have! No more hollering at the wife to adjust the thermostat lol

The best T Stat I’ve ever had. The GUI is very well laid out and intuitive. If your not sure of your choice when installing it they have a link you can click on and watch videos showing the exact issue and how to resolve it. You can control the temp within your network or even remotely from town all with your phone which is an IPhone for me. You can schedule different temps for the days and nights and add more time spans. Mine is set to stay kind of cool at night so I can sleep and then about an hour before I wake it starts bring the temp up to another setting. Then it holds a different temp once the house is empty and then sets the temp to a comfortable temp for shorts and shirt before cooling things down at bedtime. This isn’t the first programmable T Stat I’ve had but it’s by far the most reliable and easy to setup. Programming the scheduling is so fast and easy compared to the other clunky styles I’ve used before. It’s a great solid product for a very reasonable price and works perfectly with IOS when everything else seems to be geared toward the Android OS. Highly recommend and will buy more for our other properties.

I’ve owned both Nest and Sensei

I purchased this for our new home. I read all the reviews and this Sensi stood out. We have Apple products and I wanted something with HomeKit integration. Installation went fine. The thermostat I replaced already had an unused C wire that I attached to the Sensi and the furnace. The app and videos are first rate to help with installation. One big issue is the way the face plate connects to the base. If you’re not careful, you’ll bend the base pins and the thermostat will be unresponsive. I called their tech support on a Sunday morning and after about a 10 min as I waited to speak to a representative, I noticed the bent pins. As I was straightening them using a needle nose pliers, the tech came on and the first thing he asked was if there were any bent pins on the base plate. After I straightened them out, and was very careful to press the faceplate evenly and firmly onto the base, it worked perfectly.Interface: It seems simpler to use than the Nest thermostat I had in our previous home. The Sensi is basic and that’s what I needed. I loved our Nest thermostat and will miss the proximity sensor that always gave me the outside temp and weather forecast when I walked by it. The Nest’s control interface was just not as intuitive as I would’ve liked. I’ve only just installed the Sensi so time will tell.

Very Impressed!

Really love our new progammable, touch-screen, digital thermostat from Emerson. The Sensi is very simple in operation and very elegant in design. It tells me immediately at a glance what mode it's in (cooling, heating, or auto), and the screen color shows when it is activated to heat/cool/stand-by with reddish, blue, and gray. We love that we can place it in auto mode during this time of seasonal transition to set thresholds of low and high temp to come on for heating or cooling automatically. It gives the inside humidity, time of day, setting, and actual temp all on one screen without having to go through the menus. We just started using it and haven't set up any schedules or geo-fencing, but will be trying those features soon. The only issue I had, was since my last older digital thermostat did not have the c-wire hooked up, I had to find an unused wire in the bundle of wires coming out of the wall and also open up the control board panel on my furnace to hook up the same color wire there too. Once I did that, it worked perfectly. Highly recommend!

Best upgrade for any house.

I researched thermostats for a week and settled on this or the Honeywell Lyric T5 WiFi. I went with the Sensi due to the larger screen. It was a breeze to wire the app tells you exactly where to move the wires. The unit itself is quick to turn on and never lags. My heatpump cuts on quicker with this thermostat than my last Honeywell. The app is designed really well and is easy to operate. I use the thermostat in full auto mode which is fantastic. Heat automatically kicks on if it drops below the low set point and AC cuts on if it gets above the high set point. In between you can configure the fan to cut on and circulate to whatever setting you like(ex 60% of the day). This keeps the house very comfortable. The overcool setting is really nice here in the south due to the extreme humidity. The thermostat will over cool until your desired humidity level is reached in the house. I haven't messed with the Geofence settings as we are currently working from home at the moment, but already letting the thermostat run on its own in full auto has dropped our electric bill by $40 versus last month. Both months we have worked from home. Our AC unit definitely doesn't run as often and the house is much more comfortable. Being able to change the temperature from your bed in the middle of the night or when you're away from the house is also a huge plus.