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Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Bright Brass

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  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately).
  • Receive text or email alerts when your family uses their codes, so you know who is home.
  • Grant access to your home when you cannot be there with a scheduled code to let someone in. 
  • Add, delete or change user codes remotely.
  • This Z-Wave enabled product communicates wirelessly to other Z-Wave products in your home. Remote management with a Nexia Home Intelligence system.
  • Cross Bore: 2-1/8"
  • Door range: 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 (35mm-44mm) standard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I don’t trust any other smart lock

I have bought 6 of these now over the years because they continue to be the most solid and reliable smart lock. I have these connected to my home automation system by pairing them with my z-wave network. But I also appreciate that the on-device keypad works regardless of whether the rest of the system is online. The 4 AA batteries that power this are easily accessible from the inside, and only need to be replaced once or twice a year. The long battery life is partially due to the fact that the locking mechanism doesn’t require a motor, which is also the reason I haven’t purchased any similar smart deadbolts that require power to drive the bolt. Overall this has been an extremely reliable lock and I would not hesitate to recommend it!

Good Lock, Great Battery Life

If you are looking for a Z-Wave enabled lock that works with InControl, this is it!Pros:Battery LifeZ-Wave AccessEasy to UseCons:Connecting to ZWave can be a painMost people want a lock that has a keypad, has wireless access, moves a dead-bolt, and has great battery life. The problem is that the bigger the motor a device like this has to drive, the more power it will use. This lock is great because it only uses a little power to allow the user to operate the handle. I used high capacity rechargeable AA batteries, and in the 9 months that I've owned it, I have only switched them out once, and they we're not even fully discharged.For those who want a deadbolt like this, you will either have to swap out the batteries frequently, or run a wire to it. There is no free lunch in physics.

A happy with the performance of this lock (so far)

Installation was done professionally and flawless. I an happy with the performance of this lock (so far)! Very convenient to use with contractors coming in and out during renovations. I have this hooked with a Smartthings hub and it is very useful.

need hub, don't forget that

really awesome smart locks, not hard to install. paired easily with our phone and hub. will never go back to traditional locks. seriously, this is awesome. We got this one for the front door of our new house we bought, as it doesn't have a deadbolt, and got the deadbolt replacement ones for the back and side doors. I love that I can always know if my door is locked or unlocked, I can tell echo to unlock or lock my door, I can remotely lock and unlock from my phone, as well as set up temp codes for other people. it could not be easier to use. Keep in mind with this lock, it is silent, so you won't hear it make a noise like the others when it closes. The ones we put on the side actually turn a knob and make it locked or unlocked, whereas this just has an indicator light. It also will open from the inside even when its locked, so you will get locked out if you don't have your phone and can't remember the code (did that once like an idiot). But that is a user error and not the fault of the product. I know this seems expensive but its totally worth it.

Great lock, simple to install, works flawlessly with SmartThings. Warmly recommended!

Very pleased with this door lock which I'm using for the entry door between our garage and hallway in our home. It is attractive - actually looks and feels better than I had expected. It works perfectly and as advertised. We are away from our home for months at a time and this is part of our security and home automation system, giving us peace of mind. Having different keypad access codes means that guests or a family member nearby can get in using their own key codes which can easily be changed. We can easily lock/unlock or check status remotely because uses z-wave technology which works flawlessly with our SmartThings home automation system. I can warmly recommend this door lock and I feel I got my money's worth.Some things to note before you purchase so you can be sure that this lock will accomplish what you want.First, the lock itself doesn't know whether the door itself is physically open or closed - the state of the lock doesn't change based on the position of the door. Neither does the bolt of the lock physically move in and out of the door jam in response to the lock/unlock command. What happens when the door is locked is that the outside lever is internally disengaged and when the door is unlocked the outside lever engages so that it moves the bolt in and out. This means it can be in the 'locked' mode (and reported that way remotely) when it door itself is standing wide open. This is different from some electric locks out there - I previously had one like that and the mechanism often stuck or the batteries wore out quickly. I wasn't sure about this feature of this lock but having lived with it now for a week or so I'm totally comfortable. So just be aware of what you're purchasing.Second the way it works is that when it is unlocked by the keypad (i.e. from the outside of the door) it automatically re-locks after 5+ seconds. That gives plenty of time to use the lever and open the door - but then it does relock. On the other hand, when you unlock it from the inside via the 'unlock' button it stays unlocked until you choose to relock it. Whether it is locked or not you can always use the lever to open the door from the inside (a safety feature, no doubt - you can always quickly get out through the door whether it is locked or not).Third on the inside there are two handy 'lock'/'unlock' buttons and a light between them that variously displays green or red. That is the only way to visually tell for sure whether it is locked or unlocked; you just push one of the buttons and the locked/unlocked color of the indicator light is readily visible. When pressing the 'lock' or 'unlock' button results in it changing modes you can hear a mechanical sound when the light turns red or green.Fourth, the keypad on the outside has a button on it which when pushed illuminates the keypad - nice for a dark garage or porch.Fifth, you can easily add or delete user codes at will - but you must be physically at the lock to do this, it cannot be done remotely.Sixth, two keys are provided. The key simply allows you to bypass the 'locked' status and use the lever to open the door. The main purpose of this I imagine would be to allow entry even if the batteries on the lock are depleted. Speaking of batteries, they would appear to last a long time because they are only driving an internal electric controller or relay or something - but they do not physically drive a mechanical bolt mechanism.Installation was very simple. Start to finish probably only took 20 minutes.Here is a YouTube video that shows the lock and its features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYr6rmERy34Paring this lock with SmartThings worked flawlessly. The instructions that came with the lock were for another system, but here are pairing instructions from SmartThings: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/201032940-Schlage-Keypad-Lock-with-Lever-Handle-FE599NX-I would buy this lock again in a heartbeat!