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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - 1300Pa - Black

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  • Robot Vacuum: Re-engineered to be the slimmest robotic vacuum measuring 2.85'' but with quiet operation and increased suction power at 1300Pa.
  • BoostIQ Technology: Automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength.
  • A Quiet Clean: Vacuums for up to 100 minutes on hardwood floors with consistent, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave.
  • Premium Features: Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. Automatically recharges so it is always ready to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The Liberator

When I saw that Eufy had an affordable robot vacuum, I knew I could trust it due to my experience with the Eufy cordless stick vacuum. Eufy's user-friendly engineering and clear instructions are far superior to many. The RoboVac's performance actually exceeded my expectations by picking up quantities of hair from my six cats that I couldn't even see in the low-pile carpet. While its capacity may look small, it does a whole room before needing to be emptied, and without the cat hair it could probably do more. It is slim enough to vacuum under my antique dresser, which hasn't been possible in 50 years. It has only become stuck once, and beeped to let me know. The cats thought it was the best toy since RoboRat, so I had to let them play until they tired of it, no damage done. What I expected to be a toy-like indulgence has proved to be a serious help to a retired lady. The guilt of postponing the vacuuming is lifted, now that RoboVac can clean my house more often while I do something more interesting.UPDATE 8/19/8 -- As with my Eufy cordless stick vac, I keep finding more good points about the RoboVac. It is very quiet, virtually noiseless, rarely gets stuck, and when it does is very forgiving. Once it got jammed up with a puppy training pad and I feared it was broken, but after the edge of the pad was removed, RoboVac carried on like the little treasure it is. Last but not least, Eufy's customer service is totally outstanding in the tradition. Never underestimate the power of a Eufy RoboVac! Once you get one you'll realize what you were missing. (Sorry if I sound like a commercial, but I can't help it.)

Eufy is a 10 and iRobot (Roomba) is a 4

We have had a Roomba (600 Series)for a few years and bought this Eufy last year ; there is no comparison, but I'll try to rate them on features that might be important to all:1) Noise: Eufy is quiet and you can run it on an even lower, less powerful (and quieter) speed. Roomba is so loud that you can't have a conversation in the same room and you're aware of it in other rooms.2) Delicacy: Eufy can be programmed to continue into the edges/borders but even when it does, it does so delicately. Roomba throws itself boldly into every structure so all of my white moldings are now marred. It also once turned the key on my gas fireplace and my house was full of gas when I arrived home. It's my fault for leaving the key in, but Eufy would not power into it hard enough to turn it. Good thing I'm not smoker!3a) Cleaning the machine: Eufy: comes with a tool to help clean off the dust, rip out the hair from the brush, and clean the brush ends. Roomba: Prior to owing the Eufy, I didn't think to expect a cleaning tool. I figured out that I needed a special kind of gadget to remove the hair (long hair from human heads, not from pets) from the brush and purchased a long-handled seam ripper which was perfect. Why didn't they include a cleaning tool?3b) Cleaning your floors/rugs: Eufy has two rotating brushes made of a substance that does not wear out. They also send along extra brushes in case you need them! It picks up twice as much gunk as the Roomba. Roomba (my model) has one brush which would break/lose its bristles very quickly and need to be replaced at a high cost.4) Price - compare them. Eufy comes in at half the price of some of the Roomba models. In this case, more expensive is not better (in fairness, my Roomba is at least 4 years old, and perhaps they've improved since my model).5)) Customer service: Eufy - ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! Easy to reach, understandable and there to please the customer. Two examples: Eufy 1 (named Alfred) seemed to get noisier and noisier. I thought it might be my imagination, but the account rep asked me to hold the phone up to Alfred and she listened and stated the noise was from a faulty motor. Since Alfred was still under warranty, they sent me a replacement! Replacement (named James) seemed to not be cleaning well (it was running, but leaving crumbs behind). We discovered that both brushes has come off and oddly, have never found them. Figuring this was an oddity, we popped on two more (which had come with James) and they fell off quickly too. This had never happened with Alfred. I called customer service and they had not heard of this before. Dave, the account rep who helped me, really took time to try to think through a solution. At first, Dave was going to send me more brushes but then he said that this was just a "band aid" and he wanted to find a better/longer- term solution. James was two days out of warranty and guess what they did? They are sending me another new machine and asking me to send back James so they can learn what the problem is.Eufy Bonus: Eufy comes with a remote control (and extra brushes and filers), so you send it to a specific spot if needed.Roomba bonus - two features I like on the Roomba that my Eufy does not have: one - it has a handle that makes it easy to pick up (a minor, but nice feature) and two - you can program each day for a different time or to not run at all. My Eufy is all or nothing (same time every day).I have recommend Eufy to everyone I can and many of my friends have purchased and have had not trouble at all and if they do, I know Dave and his colleagues will do the right thing!

Better looking and just as good as a Roomba

We had the Roomba 690, which worked well for 7 months before it would start to turn on then just stop. We have had the End of for a couple of weeks now and this is the general observation.1) It cleans just as well, if not a little better.2) It is noticeably quieter3) It looks way better and higher quality, love the glass top, and how low to the ground it is4) Easy to program and run with the remote.5) Quality filterThe one thing the Roomba had that this doesn't is internet connectivity, but in 7 months we only used the app at home (the included Eufy remote is actually easier to use), and we used the Google home integration once.

Great product

I absolutely love this vacuum. I had an issue with cat hair and kitty litter getting tracked all over my apartment, but now it's never been cleaner. This thing goes over drugs very well and cleans like a dream. It usually has troubles getting back to the charger when it's done, but I just find it when I get home and put it back

Excellent performance/price!

I recently replaced most of our carpeted area with hardwood flooring and was horrified to realize how much mess a family of four, with two cats make! What’s worse, is we must have always made it -but it was previously hidden in the carpet pile. Gross!!! All the food crumbs, hair, cat fur, dander, and cat litter became instantly visible and I found myself needing to sweep and vacuum daily.I’d looked at robotic cleaners before but was always turned off by the ridiculous prices. However, after doing a LOT of research, I decided to get the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (slim).I set the timer feature, so it comes alive just after breakfast and quietly maneuvers around the table and chairs, destroying all evidence of feeding time at the zoo. The trail of cat litter from the litter tray, across the hallway, is no more and all the cat (and human) hair that would gather into little dust bunnies are silently sucked up. It’s brilliant!Once or twice I’ve noticed it gets stuck in a tight corner and I’ve learnt that cat toys are it favorite snack but cause severe indigestion and stoppages but we’re learning to pick up our smaller items and the eufy does the rest.It cleans for about an hour before returning to its charger and leaves our floors spotless!The little bin does need to be emptied daily (my cats shed a LOT) otherwise suction is lessened - but I love this slim, quiet cleaner and for the very reasonable price (compared to others), I would highly recommend it!