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Smart Speaker - Gray Mesh

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  • Our most popular smart speaker with a fabric design. It is our most compact smart speaker that fits perfectly into small spaces.
  • Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.
  • Turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more with compatible connected devices. Create routines to start and end your day.
  • Call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Buyer beware

I got the echo dot and an smart plug for free from Verizon, I shouldn’t have clicked on that link to get it, it was a mistake... I never knew that I would really enjoy having Alexa in my house. I ended up buying 2 more echo dots and 6 smart plugs and a 4K fire tv. As a prime member I have access to music and videos by , I’m also a Apple Music and the echo dot intergrates it flawlessly. I have Netflix, Hulu and Disney plus and I hope that they integrate these services flawlessly. I did not expect to buy all these Alexa powered products from a “free” promotion. Well played ... well played.

A true Life Saver!!!

This thing is a true life saver. We got one from my wife’s parents just before Thanksgiving of ‘19. For the most part at first it was just a nuisance. We weren’t sure how to incorporate it into our lives. We then got some Gosund plugs and really liked the ease with which we could turn on and off our lights, Christmas tree and other appliances. While exploring the app I found a “Guard” function. Basically when set it listens for smoke alarms, Co2 alarms and the sound of breaking glass. So we started using it. On Dec. 30 I was away from home with our dog when I got an alert that alarms were going off in our home. Alexa also sent an audio file. I listened to it and I heard the smoke alarms, what sounded like flames crackling and the obvious sound of water spraying. I ran home as fast as I could. It wasn’t a fire but my upstairs neighbor’s hot water heater had exploded and had been flooding our apartment for hours. This may seem bad but if I had come home when I had planned we have had a total loss. As it is we were able to save at least half of our belongings; many of which are irreplaceable. We owe , and the programmers, quite a lot. I wish I knew how to thank them. It’ll still be a few weeks before we can go home but as it is, at least we still have something to salvage. I can’t express the depth of emotion and deep thanks I feel for this device. It saved most of our home and our stuff. I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. This is an amazing device.

This turned out to be extremely important to me

This is going to be a weirdly touchy-feely review, but if someone else is considering for these kind of reasons, I want to throw it out there. I have severe cognitive issues from PTSD and Neuro problems. Not the forgetful type deal... but the "it is gone from my brain forever" type. If I don't the something THE EXACT SECOND it darts through my brain, then I don't stand a chance of remembering it. I'd forget to call the doctor back. I'd forget to take medications and miss appointments. This may seem insignificant compared to that, but forgetting and feeling like such an imbecile in my every day life was worse. I would put something somewhere "obvious" and then be searching for it for days. I tried paper notes/lists. I would abbreviate something or not elaborate enough (thinking that it was obvious at the time) and not even be able to decipher my own notes. The effect of feeling that stupid, all the time, was huge. The simplest things, and I couldn't do or remember them. Being that "stupid" will put a dent in you.So I decided to get an alexa last week. I've never been interested in having a little spy in the house (joke), but I have a phone anyway. Thinking maybe it could help me with reminders. This has drastically changed things in my life.I told you that it would be touchy-feely. Since things leave my brain as soon as they enter, I can just ask her to remind me of whatever while still doing what I was (example: I'd remember something that I needed to do while doing the dishes. Would finish the dishes and have nothing but frustration of knowing that I needed to remember something. Now I can continue and tell her to make a note while still doing it). She will remind me later, or I can ask for my notes, because hey, we all know I forgot something. I have set her to squawk at me about medication and appointments. The to-do and shopping are probably just cool helpful things for most, but for me, it has been a game changer. I can tell her where I am putting something, then ask later and she will tell me where I had told her that I put it. For things that I need to do during the day, I ask her to remind me in an hour or whatnot and things actually get done now. I spent a lot of my time hating how much of an idiot was and feeling forever incompetent of doing normal things. I can't change anything about how I actually am, but I move through life better and hate myself a little less due to this hockey puck. I ordered on of the portable stands (and have more echo's on the way) so I can keep it near so she can tell me how to be a person. It genuinely helps me in both the practical and self perception sense. It not an inability to do the actual tasks (ok fine, there are several that it is inability, but most aren't), I just couldn't string it together. It's helped me move through life easier and that is huge for me.So yes, hockey puck is awesome. The music is great. The answers instantly to questions is great and super helpful. I have set elaborate routines to negate some of my deficiencies and it has helped so much. I love telling her to turn on and off lights, on a completely unrelated note.

Get Samuels voice added!! Funny!!

We are having so much fun with it! My friends who have one also can call me on it directly without even using our phones! The sound is crystal clear! You can even talk to it when the tv is on. She can still hear you! I absolutely love how you can push the button to shut it off for like when my granddaughter is asleep in the same room as it. It stays lit up red so you know when it’s off. I paid the extra $5 to have the Samuel Jackson voice and I am glad I did! It’s hilarious!!! You can turn off cuss words if you want. He’ll then behave lol BUT I’ve read some reviews on how people think they got ripped off cuz they can’t get it to work. You have to read ALL of the instructions well! For it to work, you have to say something like “Alexa, activate Samuel’s voice”. I could be wrong on exactly how. But it does say exactly what to say in it! Then he will work great! And when it’s something he cannot answer, Alexa will join in and answer you. But his jokes and roasts are super funny and entertaining! I’m still learning on other things it can do. So far we love it!!!

This is a MUST READ!!! Alexa Saved My LIFE!!!

Thank you for reading this! I wanted to make sure that people know just how important having devices like this can be!I am disabled with many physical and some mental conditions and these Echo devices are a MUST! After my mother died, who was my caregiver, I was left in a huge house alone. I had already had an Echo, and a Dot so that my mother and I could communicate while at other ends of the house. When she passed I now have 1 Echo, 6 Dots, 1 Flex, and 2 Show 5's. I did this not only for security purposes due to some issues with break-ins, theft, and violence. But also so that at any time if I needed help, I could simply call out.I have had to use the Flex when I fell in the bathroom. I was able to call a friend who rushed over to help me. And when someone broke in, I had a routine that turned on all of my Smart bulbs and Plugs, while playing music at top volume and announcing that I was calling 911. This not only saved me from further property damage but possible theft and physical harm.But the biggest way that Alexa Saved My Life, was when my blood pressure went out of control and I could NOT reach my phone. With 1 command, I had medical help!THANK YOU AND ALEXA FOR SAVING MY LIFE MORE THAN ONCE!!!(I have not been compensated in any way for this review, or to answer this question!)