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Wi-Fi Smart Camera - 32 Feet Night Vision

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  • Easy to Use - The camera is configured and operated by the Teckin App over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. It can be installed on the wall or placed on a shelf. Enjoy Live Streaming with 1080P and 108 wide-angle viewings over the internet.
  • Motion/Sound Detection - The camera detects sound and movement to automatically record a video. The Teckin App will send notifications to your phone when it has been triggered. 
  • Two-way Audio & Night Vision - This camera provides the ability to have a two-way conversation with those in the room, from family members to pets. The Night Vision mode allows you to see clearly in the dark, up to 32ft with 6 IR LEDs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Much better than current competition budget security cameras

So first off, this is an amazing camera for the value. The app is pretty straightforward and set up is a breeze. The quality coming out of the camera is rather good for the small form factor. I will give you my honest pros and cons below. In short, this is one of the best budget options out there. For those trying to use this as an outdoor cam, see below as well.Pros:1. Set up is simple and fast. I’ve worked with some other budget security cameras before and depending on the brand, set up can be a pain to connect to the camera. This connected within 3 minutes... seriously.2. Camera quality is excellent and IR night vision (indoors) is phenomenal. Know that you’re getting an indoor camera; more on this later.3. Love the design and quality plastic. Some cameras feel cheap in hand; this one has a matte finish and feels more premium than some of the other budget cameras I’ve tried.Cons:*im a pretty picky consumer so read this with a grain of salt1. Cord could be longer. Depending on where you want to mount this camera, youre going to need to buy an extension. No big deal, but just for you to be wary.2. Only horizontal flip camera adjustment; can’t sit camera sideways. I wish there was a feature that allowed you to mount this camera sideways and still see a normal image. Obviously this is more of a wish list feature, but it would be nice to control the image no matter which way you mount it.3. Joints are limiting in position. I wish they included a little notch for the camera to be able to go 90 degrees down (like a ball head joint for tripods). This would allow more flexibility in the angles in which you’d be able to mount the camera.Notes:- I tried facing the camera through the window to see my backyard. It works really well during the daytime, although given the limitations of bullet point 3 above, I had to find another way to mount it on my window. I used some old gopro accessories (see photo attached). Works great. The only thing is you have to turn IR night vision off, otherwise you’ll get a ton of glare. Make sure you put it in an area that doesn’t get a lot of backlight, that will also distort the image and give you an unwanted light reflection from the window to the sensor at night. I found out that the sensor actually works decently in low light EVEN without the IR night vision. Fantastic. (Make sure your backyard is obviously not pitch black; fortunately, I have a street lamp close to my backyard and it works perfectly with a little bit of ambient light)-to capture video and playback, you MUST get an SD card. Or purchase their subscription plan which is cheap and affordable.-this camera is definitely more for an indoor application. Works perfectly in that scenario so don’t dock points for it detecting random leaves and squirrels outside... it wasn’t made for that.

Solid, inexpensive smart camera

Having purchased several other Teckin smart products before, I was happy to see they finally came out with a very inexpensive smart camera! This little guy is VERY lightweight - double sided sticky tape should easily hold it in place. The mount is one of those ball joint styles and is easy to position, but still stays in place once set.The picture looks good - full hd and all. Latency was very low here and the motion detection alerts worked well too.Sound alerts, on the other hand, did not work for me. Thankfully I don’t really need those. I could still hear sounds in the room where the cam was though, along with talking through my phones microphone to have it come out the cam’s speaker. Hopefully Teckin can fix this minor issue with a software or firmware update perhaps.Lastly, this cam only works with the official Teckin app and not the Smart Life app that my other Teckin products are connected to, which was a bit disappointing. The app itself works pretty well though, so I guess it’s not too big a deal.

It is perfect and doing its Job well

I have been using this product for 2 months now and I would say it is doing its job very well so far. The 2 way conversation is very clear and the motion detection works good and gives notification immediately.Pros:- video quality- 2 way conversation if you had to do- Notification- cloud recording- You can add this to Alexa and view it if you have Alexa show.Cons:- you need to pay for the cloud recording when motion or sound detection happens- cloud recording is little lag and does not show the motion or sound detection video immediately, it will take sometime then you can see.- Teckin app is fine, but sometimes it does not work.Overall its a good product, it secures the Indoors and solves most of the things you want to get around with this.

WOW, just wow!

Powerful little camera. Love everything about this product. Just last night found out the integration between the Teckin app and Alexa ( Stick) you can pull up the camera and view on your TV.Camera is easily setup using the Teckin app, within minutes and your up and running. Everything the marketing material states is legit. Picture quality is great, night vision is beyond impressive, sharing with other family members is an added bonus, well built.Customer service is beyond exceptional, very responsive to your needs, read somewhere where they want to respond within 7 hours. How cool is that!Great product great company will be buying more from them in the near future!

Bought two, working well together

Easy to setup. The adhesive failed after about a month. Awkward night searching for a culprit before reviewing footage and noticing it fell over on its own. Reinstalled with Command Velcro strips; much stronger.Pros:-Price. Amazing value!!-Decent picture-About 15 days of footage stored on a 32gb micro SD- Stored footage can be reviewed remotely via app- Motion and sound detection can be set via app while away from homeCons:- Faces lose detail when zooming if subject is over 5ft away-Detection alerts *sometimes*. Still don't know why. Sometimes I'll leave, set motion detection, then come back home. 20 minutes after I've been home, passing the camera multiple times I get a motion detection alert. Weird!- Can false alarm if you live in a very windy city. May be from draft under the door? On an high wind day it goes crazy! So many alerts I had to disable both cameras sensors.Overall, very pleased and have recommended to 6 friends whom have purchased so far.