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Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Polished Chrome

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  • Wi-Fi Enabled: This smart lock is a Wi-Fi-connected door lock that connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network and smartphone for a secure smart home that does not require a third-party smart home hub, panel, or subscription.
  • 250 Customer User Codes: Create up to 250-unique user codes for friends, family, or guests that you can disable, or delete from the Kwikset App. The set schedules for custom user codes from your smartphone using the Kwikset app as well.
  • Receive Notifications: Receive notifications of your lock's activity and view the lock event history from your smartphone using the app.
  • SmartKey Security: Protects against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds.
  • Secure Screen: Patented security feature for the touchscreen deadbolts that prevents on-screen fingerprint user code identification by employing random digits prior to entering a personal user code.

Customer Reviews

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Some pointers to make it a 5 star

What i really didn't like and was about to return it was that the keypad would not light up to let me put in the password. The manual is wrong, videos on yourube are wrong, plz call the company they will explain how to make it work. It is a security feature. I didn't have any trouble with the ap or connecting to wifi. You need to connect your phone to 2.4 g first and then connect the lock to it too. You can change your phone to regular wifi later. I think that's where people get into the difficulties.

Impressed and in love with this lock

I have always used kwikset locks. I tried the kevo version which was a HUGE waste of money. I needed to replace that lock so I gambled on this one. It's actually a great lock! The install was a breeze and I love it connects to wifi without needing a hub to connect it. You also are given the option of leaving the window unscrewed for easy access to replace the batteries (a feature not available on my last non-wifi) lock. The design is nice and the touchscreen is responsive. I like that everyone can have their own code which allows me to know who exactly is coming and going. There are so many features on here like screen lock, access granted permissions (all the time to once in 24 hours). If this continues to work as great as it is now I'll definitely be replacing my other kwikset locks with this one!

I love when a company asks my permission before updating my hardware!

I had August before and they were terrible (related to my headline). These. Just. Work! They've been super stable and reliable and what I would expect from a security company with Kwikset's reputation - I know they farm out the software side to a 3rd party, but both hardware and software have been rock solid from day one. They even taper the deadbolt slightly at the end to prevent unnecessary jams from slight misalignments (like when the seasons change). I feel like they really used their experience to think through the entire design...and no special batteries, hubs, or BS required (here's looking at you August �)! I wish I had went with Kwikset from the start.

the traditional key is the most reassuring feature

This lockset replaced my Nest lock on my main exterior door, and I couldn't be happier. I liked the Nest for about one minute because I had control from my mobile. Then, I hated everything else about it, especially as I added more connected devises to my home.Quite simply this does what a lock should do. It locks when you need it locked, it is unlocked when you want it unlocked, and the key is most reassuring.If you are still reading, I tried to lock myself out with the Nest and I did mange to lock myself out for a few minutes while my network reset. The Nest worked as it should have, but since it is impossible to use a traditional key with the Nest it left me feeling uncomfortable with the entrance to my home. I can go on about all the little inconveniences, but what is the point, lesson learned.

Best Lock-Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

It is not often that I write reviews. But I want to mention that I feel that the Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock is one of the best devices I have ever bought. Installation was easier, but getting the code to activate the app was tricky. I tried sending the code to my Hotmail account about 6 times, but for some reason, I never got the code. When I tried Gmail account, I got it the very first time. One thing I like the most about the lock is that I was able to set up the Auto-Lock feature which locks the lock after 5 mins. Auto Lock delay can be set for 30 Seconds, 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes. No more finding an unlocked door in the morning. Now I feel very safe. This will help keep the house secure. The app also allows to add 250 users with different codes and 10 members of admins that can use their phones to open the door. It also alerts you. Basically, the lock can be opened using the key, code or phone. The phone also works as lock as you have a network connection. I We have been using it 3 days now, 40 times a day (there are 6 of us at home) and the battery is still showing 100%. I love it and highly recommend this lock.