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Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Satin Nickel

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  • World's First 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock, Fingerprint + Code + Smartphone + Knock to Open + Key
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification, Anti-peep Touch Keypad Technology, View Logs via Ultraloq App; Temperature: Inside lock body: 14F (-10C) to 131F (55C).
  • Reversible Handle, Weatherproof, Intuitive OLED Display, Long Battery Life, and Low Battery Alarm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Awesome lock, as long as you’re okay with rescanning you’re finger print a few times.

I’m very pleased with the overall product itself. I will say it is smooth installation besides one wire it is as about as complicated as a normal door knob installation.The application for the Ultralog lock is pretty intuitive. Everything is labeled as what it should be. You can add and remove users with easy. It also labels the products you buy from ultralog. So if you have other locks, or technology from them you do not need to download another app. You can manage them all within the same one.Now to get to the few things I would say need “work”. The finger print aspect seem to be a little off sometimes. If your thumb, index, pinky whatever finger print you used isn’t on exactly how you had it when scanned. Then your door is not unlocking. I bought this purely because I was sick and tired of pulling my keys out of my pocket when getting home and now I just have the struggle of figuring out how I put my thumb on the scanner.

GREAT Budget Lock w/ Finger Prints, Codes and Remote Unlock!!!

I purchased this lock for my companies office front door about a year ago and its been FANTASTIC!Please forgive my grammar, I am not going to proof read this...PROS:✨It fairly inexpensive, accepts multiple fingerprints, codes and remote unlocks for each individual user.✨The codes can be entered in a special combination to fool "on lookers". Ex. If you code is 1234 you can type in 543"1234"782 than Enter and the door will still unlock!✨The keypad turns off to save battery and back on with a touch anywhere.✨Once you get a GOOD fingerprint it works every time! I registered my finger 2 or 3 times and as long as it doesn't think its the same as an existing one (by changing how you scan it) it will accept it.✨The unit and handle are nice to look at and soft to the touch, its easy to open the door once unlocked.✨The UltraLoq App works GREAT! It allows you to update the names of the users you entered into the device directly. You can even add a user through the App now!!! This is easier than typing in the admin code and going through the prompts etc. The App is not perfect but it allows editing, syncing of names back to the device AND ONLINE BACKUP AND RESTORE!! WOO HOOO. I you ever get a new Ultraloq you can RESTORE the users!✨If you are like me, the door is FAR away from employees so having the REMOTE unlock device connected is a god send for visitors.CONS:�The batteries don't last that long. Since its a permanent fixture - why not add MORE battery capacity? They do last a couple of months though...�The fingerprints works "OK" and only allows 2 "presses" to initially scan it. Personally, I re-add users fingers a few times to get it to work flawlessly BUT once it works - IT WORKS!�I might be wrong about this but I believe the lock can only hold 100 codes and/or fingers so I'm nervous about adding multiple fingers per person and using up the "memory". I have 40 users and if every one has a finger and code that's 80 off the bat. It also doesn't tell you if you have 2 sets of fingers scanned for each person, just that there is a finger scanned so I dont know if that takes up 2 "slots" or just 1......�The cell phone "shake" to unlock feature is just garbage! The app cannot be in the background and even if its setup properly it can take 5 "shakes" to unlock even though its set to "1 Shake". By the time you get your phone out, open the app and start shaking you could have just entered a 4 digit code... Plus you look like an idiot shaking your phone!!....�Having wet or moist fingers can affect the scanning! Hand lotion is usually the biggest culprit BUT I have noticed the scanner doesn't really need cleaning too often... maybe the act of swiping the finger clears it of debris?OVERALL:I would say the lock is FANTASTIC for the price and may even work better than more expensive options. The Remote Unlock (with extra device) is awesome and the ability to backup and restore the user data online is PRICELESS! If this lock ever Dies OR I decide to add another UltraLoq to the back door, I can just "restore" the codes to the new one! I have literally 0 complaints from people other than their fingers don't work. I can fix the finger issue though by re-scanning it a few times from slightly different angles BUT most people prefer to just type the code anyway. I have all my users use their THUMBS since it feels more natural especially if you are tall. If you are VERY short you might want to use an index finger instead.I am able to get MY finger to work 100% of the time and part of that is learning how to place it on the scanner the same way EVERY time. I actually feel for the top edge of the scanner than kind of "swipe" it down as the device beeps. If it doesn't work you just need to lift it off and place it down again. If you are working with only a handful of people who need access and dont need to worry about filling up the memory than JUST ADD THEIR FINGERS MULTIPLE TIMES. I dont know exactly how it works when you add multiple fingers to the same "user" but if you have trouble just create a NEW user and add the finger there. You could even add the users left AND right thumb to see which works best unlocking.Hope this helps someone!! Woo Hoo!:-) Brian

Great build quality and functionality that delivers on its promise.

My kids couldn't stay out of my pantry. The fruit snacks, juice boxes, and granola bars were just too tempting despite timeout consequences. To control my pantry access, I wanted a biometric lock that was fast, secure, and had a physical key backup. The Bluetooth functionality is a bonus. This lock fits all of my needs and its been a great experience using it. The fingerprint scanner is accurate and hasn't been fooled yet despite my kids numerous attempts. It's a sturdy lock with some good weight to it, and it looks great. You can download the app that goes along with this lock to open your door remotely and even see activity logs, including failed attempts.I can't ask for more from a seller when they deliver a product exactly as described with great build quality. If you're on the fence with which biometric lock to get, choose this one.

Easy security for my door

When I tried the Ultraloq UL3 from U-tec I'll admit I was a little apprehensive. I didn't really like the idea of my door being at the mercy of battery life or a computer. It wasn't long after I opened the box and did a little research that my concerns were laid to rest. When I took the lock out of the box I was surprised by the weight and the quality of its construction. This thing is heavy and well built. Obviously I didn't try to smash it or anything but I can tell it is very well made and won't come apart if it's tampered with. Security being my main concern, I was eager to give it a try at this point.In the box there were a couple of installation templates and instructional booklets along with all the tools and hardware required for installation. The manufacturer boasts that the lock can be installed in ten minutes and they're not far off. It took less than fifteen for me but I have a pretty heavy steel door. That made the drilling a little more difficult. That said, 15 minutes is still very quick to be installing a lock of this nature. It was very easy. Once the lock was mounted on the door, I had it set up for use in a couple more minutes. Again, very easy to set up. Once the lock was mounted and programmed it was time to download the Ultraloq app to my smartphone. Total setup time including the app was 17 -20 minutes tops. I was very impressed.The Ultraloq UL3 is impressive in construction, appearance, and ease of use. However it has many features that make it a very good choice as well. It can store 95 individual fingerprints and 95 individual codes making it great for both home and business environments. The touchpad has no buttons to wear out over time. It is an OLED touchscreen that conveniently senses the users hand to ready itself for code entry. The fingerprint scanner is accurate and easy to use. There is an emergency mechanical key that allows entry even in the event of a power failure or malfunction. Besides normal operation the user can set the lock to either "lockout" or "passage" mode. This allows the lock to be disabled to any entry method other than a key or to be left unlocked until the user is ready. All of this can be managed from your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.With the Ultraloq app users can unlock, lock, toggle mode, manage users, and view a entry log. User information can be backed up on the "U-cloud" and imported again so you never lose your setup. Plus there is a "knock" feature that allows you to unlock the door by knocking on your phone even if it's in your pocket. Take everything I've said into consideration and add that the battery life is 8,000 cycles or roughly a year and you have a quality product. Ultraloq offers a 30 day money back guarantee and an 18 month electronic warranty. More information can be found with the manufacturer.When compared to other keyless locks there are areas that the UL3 are stronger and a few that are weaker. That said, you won't find a model with all these features and solid construction for the price. All in all, the Ultraloq UL3 is a quality product that is incredibly easy to use. I highly recommend it.

All these features are insanely amazing

I love everything about the product from the fingerprint scanner, hidden key hole, and to using a digital passcode. It comes with three keys just in case and they are good metal keys. Not the cheap metal ones that can bend. That was not all to this product as it also let me use my smart assistant(Alexa & google home to open the door). This required the bridge which is not a necessity but it helped with opening the door when not home. My favorite thing to do on the app is have the knock knock feature just like knocking on a door but instead it opens it! There are so many features that I can go on and on about like how it tells you who came in the room if you have them registered as a user and at what time they came inside. Great purchase and recommend you buying it