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Wi-Fi Smart Plugs - 4 Pack

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  • Remote & Voice Control: Remote control your electronics via mobile phone from anywhere and anytime. These smart plugs work with Alexa and Google Home. 
  • Schedule & Timer Function: Bring convenience and efficiency to your life. Create a customized schedule/timer for your device, and smart plugs will turn on/off at a proper time.
  • User-friendly Design: The latest SP20 design perfectly fits into the US wall socket and will not interfere with other plugs. Smart plug 15A means you will not have to worry about the applicability of the smart plug anymore, because it has the same fusing current as your outlet.
  • Easy to Set up: Quick and easy steps save your time. Scan QR code and download "Smart Life APP". Follow the user manual, then you can own your smart home in a few minutes. (2.4GHz Only).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Smarter Way of Life

Great product!!! The app ‘Smart Life’ which keeps you in control of the WiFi plugs is very flexible once you can assign ‘icons’ or pictures beside renaming each smart plugs as you please (less complications in figuring out which one is which). Also, plugs keeps their programs and reconnects to the app (Smart Life) when unplugged (most likely same thing during power outages).I have not tried connecting them yet to ’s Alexa nor Google app but, will surely integrate them to ’s Alexa for a more convenient use.Works as described, will be purchasing this brand soon as more possibilities of use will come along the way.Using these to power ‘on’ and ‘off’ my reef tank appliances. Very affordable alternative compared to store bought timer switches and plugs where you get a mechanical dial or an analog display and hard to set up programs with plastic or rubber buttons.

Successfully controls a high-amp crawlspace fan

SUMMARY: To smartplug-control an appliance-grade device instead of just an average lamp, this Teckin SP20 is the ticket. Plus its wide-slim shape more easily allows two to fit per typical double wall outlet.DETAIL: Previously I've bought and been very satisfied with the round SP10 version Teckin smartplug. Functionally, this new SP20 is identical. It uses the same SmartLife app and integrates exactly the same with Google Assistant (don't use and so have not evaluated Alexia operability). If you've used the one, you'll have no problem setting up the other. Physically, however, this SP20 is a heavier, more solid-feeling device, likely due to its higher power-handling design. This SP20 is rated for up to 15A and 1650W, compared to the SP10's max 10A 1200W. I also noted the SP20 is listed for international voltage (220v) as well as standard U.S. (110v), but I did not test this.In my particular case, I have a large, industrial-grade fan under the house used to circulate air and defeat moisture in the crawlspace. I like using a smartplug to control when the fan comes on because not only could I take advantage of the SmartLife app's timer functions (and not have to crawl down there to reset a mechanical timer whenever the house lost power in a storm), but the app also has triggers based on outdoor humidity levels. That's fantastic! But the fan would blow out a 10A plug. This 15A SP20 plug had no problem with it. A perfect fit.

Perfect Wifi switch!

These oblong style plugs are perfect! I’ve been using the older round style Teckin plugs for a few years now and they work great. But two of that old style don't fit side by side in a standard wall outlet. With this new shape they are wider and shorter, so two plugs do fit in a single outlet. Now you can control two separate devices from one outlet without extra cords. Perfect!I could immediately connected them with the Smart Life app on my Android phone. No fiddling. And since I have the Smart Life app already connected to my Alexa, there is no extra setup needed, just give them a unique name in the app and they work with Alexa.I set one up as "Office Lamp" and immediately I can control the lamp in my office by saying “Alexa, turn on the Office Lamp”. I love these things. I’ve only ever bought the Teckin brand as my original purchases from them have worked perfectly for several years of daily cycles - I know the Teckin ones work and don’t want to mess with trying anything else…. Great product!!!

EZ and Smart Plug

I had previously purchased a smart switch and it worked so well that I decided smart plugs would be a good idea as well. I errantly purchased a Z-Wave plug, but then discovered I needed to purchase an expensive HUB in order to link to the unit. NOPE! After returning the Z-Wave plug, I selected the Teckin WiFi Smart Plug (SP20) because it was listed as compatible with SmartLife and DID NOT require a HUB. Upon receipt, I started my SmartLife app, plugged in the unit, added it within the app, and BANG .... unit was up and running. Within 5 minutes, the unit was connected and scheduled to control on/off times for a living room light. The configuration was easy, the scheduling was extremely simple and intuitive. No more struggling with accessing and resetting manual outlet timers to adjust for Daylight savings times, and seasonal sunset changes!

Easy to set up and finally a smart socket that shares the outlet!

Some have indicated problems setting up wifi, it was really very simple if you fallow a few easy steps:1. You need to have the Smart Life app installed on your phone. A number of smart devices use that app so some of you may already have it installed. There is a QR code in the microscopic manual you can use to easily install it.2. Your phone needs to be connected to 2.4 GHZ WIFI -- as with most smart devices it does not work with 5 GHZ.3. In the Smart Life app on your phone press the + button to add a device and follow instructions to scan for devices (you may have to enter your WIFI name and password)4. On the socket, If the little LED is not lit, press the power button to turn on the device (obviously it should be plugged in)5. With the LED lit, press and hold the power button until the device turns off and on. The LED should be appear kind of purple now.6. In the Smart Life app watch for the device to appear - note the icon that appears will not look exactly the socket7. Once it appears click Next and rename it if you wish.On my phone Alexa automatically recognized the device as soon as Smart Life added it.I really like that I can still use the other plug with these! I have some of the round ones and they hog both plugs.