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Wi-Fi Smart Camera - 100 Field Of View

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  • Real-time Human Detection Alert: This dog camera with a phone APP will detect the moving object with active real-time tracking. Motion alerts will be sent to your phone to keep you informed of every potential danger at your home. This indoor camera combined with the application of artificial intelligence technology, invalid alert filtering, and a targeted optimization algorithm makes the alerts very accurate.
  • 1080P FHD for Multiple-view: 1080P HD puppy camera provides you with a 360 panoramic view of every corner of your home/house. This pet camera two-way audio and video has a 100 field of view - rotates 360 horizontally and 105 vertically. 
  • Night Vision & Wifi Connection: This doggie camera is equipped with 10*850nm infrared LEDs, auto-switching to night vision mode when the environment is dimmed. This security camera will let you enjoy industry-leading video clarity and super night vision up to 32ft, taking the advanced night vision experience to you. Quick 2.4GHz Wifi Connection (it doesn't support 5G Wifi), fast wifi setup via mobile APP on iPhone/Android/tablets (not laptop/MAC).

Customer Reviews

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Best Basic Surveillance

We purchased this little camera to help us keep watch over our kids and home during virtual learning throughout the pandemic and although it says dog camera it works just as well for basic surveillance. The one way microphone capability to be able to communicate from away from the home is so great to have, as well as picture quality motion detection and night vision. We don't use the motion detection that much because we do have animals in our home. The manufacturer offers a $6 monthly subscription for continuous recording and I personally believe it is a worthwhile commodity and we've only had one slight issue and that was a billing issue and it was quickly rectified by CSR Kris. All in all this is a great basic little surveillance camera and for the price you really can't beat it.

lovely and smart camera

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. lovely appearance, looks like an egg. Good plastic cover, easy to set up And connect to smart phone. the camera can rotate ,good to track my pets.

Better then the rest around the same price point

How I feel about the camera, I use it as a baby camPros:1. I can change the angle of the camera from my phone I don’t have to physically go to and camera to see a different angle.2. Very clear night vision3. Great connect to WiFi4. Has a cool tilt feature (when I pan my phone it pans the view of the room I’m watching5. There is no bright bothersome light shining from the camera into the dark room6. I can mount it anywhere on a wall or leave it on the desk and the cord it came with is nice and long7. Has not stalled or lost connection so far8. I can use cloud storage to see previous footage (however I haven’t tried it yet and don’t know how much it may cost)9. It was super easy to install10. Interface on the app is so easy to use and there are many useful features, which brings me to my next point11. Customer service was so awesome! I used the chat feature right from the app and spoke with Kris Ma. This agent was friendly, answered all my questions even with pictures to help me understand it easier. Sometimes it feels like we talk to robots with customer service agents, not Kris! I felt like I was talking to a real human who was fully capable of their job! � cons: the design could have been more modern , I’m being super picky ... I just put this because I can’t think of any other con!Disclaimer: I’m an actual customer who bought this camera and am not getting paid in anyway for this review

Perfect cam at a perfect price

I have to say. I wasn't expecting much for this price. I just wanted to see what my pets were doing when I was out of the room (I'm trying to housebreak a couple guys). I figured I'd try this since it wasn't pricey. I am pleasantly surprised to discover what a great little video cam this is. You need to download the app in order for this to work. Also, it takes photos and it has live video, but if you want to record, you need a mini SD card (does not come with). The camera is so clear and the colors are great. I'm actually thinking of getting a second one for another room in my home. I highly recommend this product.

UPDATE: I Change My 1⭐ Review To A 5⭐ Review

UPDATED REVIEW: To those of you that couldn't connect to WiFi or stay connected, as was previously the case with myself using the Orb Mini Camera. I believe the problem is the directions, as they don't go in the order that the different events occur with the camera or don't relate to this specific camera period is what I've found. For example, when troubleshooting to connect during the initial setup process it advises to use the provided pin to insert it into the small WiFi reset button located on top of the camera right next to where you insert a micro sd card and it instructs to continue holding the pin in until you hear continuous music. That never happened for me after trying multiple times. However, I noticed when I was interrupted by someone speaking to me as I pushed the pin in and ALMOST immediately released rather than continuing to hold the pin in, then I did actually hear continuous music. So in other words, don't do a long press when inserting the pin to reset the WiFi or troubleshoot it. Simply insert until you feel the reset button definitely pushed the entire way in for like 1-2 seconds and then release. So that was 1 thing the directions were wrong about (unless my orb mini camera is defective and I'll know soon because I'm getting ready to install the 2nd one that I purchased that I was also getting ready to return). Another thing I noticed was the CLICKING sound that's a normal part of the process didn't actually happen as or when it indicated it should have but at a different time in the setup process. To be honest, only a few things matched in the order that the directions instructed, such as entering your WiFi name and password and showing the countdown as the camera tried connecting to it! I was that frustrated with it trying repeatedly to get it connected in an area of my home that I had excellent WiFi signal and no trouble on any of my other WiFi connected devices, and I even renamed the device, refreshed it several times, & deleted the device from the Netvue app a few times, and nothing seemed to work so I eventually just gave up, letting it sit where I was original going to install it (1 room away from the room my fios router sits in that I have located on the outside of a very tall desk, sitting on top of it so WiFi signal can travel freely throughout my home). However, several hours later, I glance at my phone after receiving notifications and Low & behold, in addition to the motion detection notifications for my 2 full sized orb cameras it finally showed the orb mini camera online showing me video footage. So then I immediately checked the settings to see what results it was showing in "WiFi Analysis" menu and it was like 80% or better for good WiFi signal. So this next part is VERY IMPORTANT, it showed in the Netvue app there was an available FIRMWARE UPDATE that needed done for the Mini Orb camera, but because previously I couldn't get the mini orb to stay connected to WiFi I was unable to complete the update. However, now that it was showing online several hours, allowing me to use the controls in the app to move the position of the camera, pan & tilt, and hear thru it (which by the way, the sound on the mini orb is AMAZING, much better than the full sized ORB cameras that the sound is all distorted and crackles, both on the camera itself and in the app), I decided to immediately complete the firmware update while it was still online and working properly. Since then its worked perfect. Morale of the story people (my shared experience), is DON'T give up. If you can even get it to connect to WiFi 1x and got thru most of the setup process (other than the firmware update), then just let it sit powered on for a few hours and then come back and see if it's working or check the app to see if you can view video from that camera. As mentioned earlier, I don't feel the directions for setting up the mini orbs are completely accurate, you just have to fool with the camera & app a bit and then possibly let it sit for a short while and things then seem to synchronize in a sense, it starts to work. I hope this helps some of you having WiFi connection issues because it really is a MIGHTY LITTLE CAMERA with excellent clarity for the video resolution & quality, and superb sound! Lastly, don't know if this will heal anything to any of you, but I am not subscribed to any of the Netvue security, motion detection, or human alert subscriptions, because I have found both services/features to work wonderful with the use of a San Disk 128 GB ultra micro sd card all on it's own. It allows me to go back they the video footage by date & time it using this timeline type feature that you can just swipe thru all time periods of video footage, it keys me share it via text, email, etc. I LOVE THESE CAMERAS and the fact this company doesn't try forcing you into using their online storage & security services like many other products would require. I have Xfinity home security service because it gets me a nic...