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Wi-Fi Smart Plug - 4 Pack - Timer Function

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  • Timer function: Switch your home appliances on/off automatically and intelligently by setting a specific time with the smart plug. You can make a schedule for the air conditioner and pre-set your house before coming home.
  • Easy to install and use: This smart plug connects with the internet through a wi-fi network(only 2.4Ghz). No hub and subscription required, just plug it into an outlet, and connect a device to the smart plug, then wirelessly control home appliances whenever and wherever.
  • Energy-saving and safe: With the convenient timer function, the smart plug protects the devices safely and prevents your appliances from overcharging and overheating, and reducing energy use.
  • Wide application: The smart socket can be used for any home appliances, such as lights, electric ovens, toasters, fans, air-conditioners, coffee mills, and etc. 

Customer Reviews

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It was easy enough to install after

It works well - my first effort to install smart/wifi in the house. It was easy enough to install after ...I had to call my internet provider AT&T U-Verse and they adjusted my router and gave me separate network IDs for the 2.4 and 5.0 ghz. The smart plugs work on 2.4ghz and it wasn't working until I had a specific 2.4 ghz network. The app works well on both my iPhone and my android tablet, but I am surprised that I cannot get the app on my desktop computer.

Easy to set up. Easy to use. Works with Alexa.

The plug has a convenient manual override pushbutton in the side which will switch it on or off to override the app. The app (Smart Life) has all kinds of automation capabilities besides the simple remote on or off. Automation can include weather, temperature, pressure, humidity, sunrise, sunset, day of week, fixed schedule, timer, proximity of smartphone to the house, or triggered by status changes of other smart devices.It is small enough that it leaves the other plug of a standard duplex receptacle accessible.Once you add Smart Life skill to Alexa, then she can see and control all of the Smart Life devices with verbal commands. No additional setup was required beyond setting the device up within Smart Life and adding the skill to Alexa. The docs say it is also compatible with other smart home systems (Google Home, etc), but I have not verified that myself.The only caution I have is that it very clearly states that it requires 2.4GHz WiFi. Some newer WiFi used 5GHz, which will not work with this device. My wifi supports both and so I was able to make it work in my house. If you are not sure, you should ask an expert to help you figure out if the WiFi in your house will work with this device.Otherwise, at this price point, given the quality of the device, features of the app, ease of setup, and compatibility with Alexa, this is a no brainier for anyone making their home smarter....

Exactly what I needed - fantastic Google Home integration!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have four lamps in my room that are all plugged into outlets, but unfortunately none of the outlets are wired to the light switches. So everyday in the night when it starts to get dark, I have to individually go to each lamp and turn on the light switches. Even though this is the epitome of a first world problem, I'd been wanting to get smart plugs for a while that would integrate with the Google Home in my room so I could just turn on the switches with a simple command.I was initially skeptical of these switches, especially since they're cheaper than some of the other ones on , and even when I ordered them, I had some issues setting them up in the app (this was only due to my weak wifi router). But after I got them setup, they seamlessly integrated into the Google Home app! I then just added a custom command in google home 'Hey Google, turn on/off the lights' and then set it to activate all four switches, and it worked perfectly!Would highly recommend these switches if you're looking to optimize/automate your life!


I have had these for about a month now. I started with another brand (TP Link), but that one always shorted out and disconnected itself. It never worked! I thought it was normal to have to keep resetting it, but after I discovered Smart Life plugs, I know how good things can be when you stop making excuses for a faulty product And recognize better craftsmanship. TP Link is trash. Barely ever worked for me and I can thank Smart Life for showing me the hope and dream of a fully functional smart plug. Easy to connect and link to my Alexa, took less than 2 minutes per 2 plugs. I now have four of them going and they never fail me or randomly get disconnected on their own accord. Well made, efficient, simple, thorough, and a fantastic use of my money. BUY THESE plugs. App design is clean and precise. Ah. I can't day enough good things!! So happy I can ditch the bs TP Link.. paid more money and it's a total bust.

Excellent Smart Plugs

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I now have 16 of these Smart Plugs all over the house. They control Tiffany lights, lamps, night lights and lights we use for the holidays including the Christmas tree. They work flawlessly with the Smart Life app and Alexa. I have them connected in Alexa to different groups like master bedroom, family room, etc. When we go to bed at night I tell Alexa "Goodnight" and she (a routine written in the Alexa App) turns off all the lights and plays Brahms's Lullaby. See attached video. In a little over 2 years I had 1 plug go bad. I sent the seller an email and within 2 days after providing proof of purchase I received a replacement. Excellent purchase at a very good price.