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Wi-Fi Smart Plugs - 2 Pack

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  • Dual Smart Plug and Independent Control: Our smart plug with two sockets feature space-saving for users. One wall outlet can be plugged with 4 devices. More efficient than a normal single-socket smart plug. Dual smart sockets (total output:1200w 110Vx10A) work independently or together. One demand controls all of your smart WiFi plugs by creating a group.
  • Simple Voice Command to Control Your Appliances: The dual smart plug works with Alexa Echo and Google home assistant. Connect your traditional lamp, fan, coffee maker, and almost all home appliances(max output 10A) to your smart plug for automation and voice control. What a release for homeworking.
  • APP Remote Control From Anywhere in Any Time: The WiFi plug controls devices plugged into it from anywhere anytime via the Gosund app. Tips: Compatible with Android 4.4 above or IOS 8.0 above. Only supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network (can't work with 5G WiFi). So you can cut the power off when you are away home to reduce the power consumption of devices plugged into the dual smart plug.

Customer Reviews

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Works well

The plugs were easy enough to setup and I love having access through the app on my phone (so I can turn off lights in the another room from bed, ha!). Both plugs worked well for a couple months, then one of them stopped connecting/wouldn't turn on my lamp at the scheduled time. I contacted support and they responded very quickly with troubleshooting tips. When the troubleshooting didn't work they sent out a new plug, which is working great so far. I would give 4 stars for the product because one of them died and 5+ stars for excellent customer service.

Take Alexa to the next level.

We have had Alexa for year but never did get around to using any of the goodies that actually make Alexa useful.We now have all lamps, the Christmas tree and a few other things fully automated and integrated with Alexa.I have tried a few different outlets but they can drop the WiFi connection, no problems with these ones.It is nice to come home and have music or lights to welcome us in the door.Even if you don’t have Alexa or google enabled devices you can still use these gems with their own app.

Was amazing deal

It's too bad it's not currently for sale from Gosund, only third party for ridiculous prices (I got it on sale for 10 which is an amazing value). Gosund if you're reading this, please reconsider because you have a great design!**The outlet space saving design and independent controls is a big plus. Power measurement is a nice bonus (update: new model dropped this, waah..) and a confirmation your device is running as expected. Even better is that this works reasonably on a switched outlet, by remembering its state before shutoff and not taking more than a couple seconds to power on if it was on before. If you have a standing/table light on two wall switches, you can't use the single pole smart switches, so other than sticking a smart bulb and getting a hub etc this is the only workable solution I found. Of course you need to remember to keep your light switch on if you want to flip them remotely back on, but it was a cheap way to have both old school and automated light switching. I have the single outlet circular Gosund as well, and it does not come back on after power is restored if it used to be on.**Update:This came back redesigned with LED arrows indicating which socket is on vs the old model that didn't, which is a smart update. I see it has a new timer feature which I suppose could come in handy for some, but personally I found the power measurement to be more useful. Oddly one of the two pack takes about 1.5sec to come on from power restoration vs 0.75 of the other, and it is consistent. Still a good value, but I'm glad I got a pair of the older ones with power measurement. Just got the new pair, hope they are as reliable as the old were.

Easy to use!

There are many smart plugs to choose from. I picked this for its safety and that it will not block the other plug socket as well. It was very easy to connect to my Alexa and down load the smarthome app. Very pleased.

Excellent product and customer service!!

Update 2: Both my issues have been resolved to the fullest. First problem (instructions telling me to download wrong app) appears to have just been something that fell thru the cracks when this company upgraded apps. Second issue (schedule function not working) was because I’m an idiot and didn’t set it on “daily”!! I appreciate GoSund’s customer service!!Update: Unfortunately I’m changing my review to a one star. I’m not sure what’s up with this product but it’s not nearly as dependable as the first GoSund smart plug I’ve purchased. I use the “schedule” function on these smart plugs so my reptile’s lamps are turned on/off at certain times. This plug’s schedule feature is buggy and doesn’t work. The last few days I’ve had to manually go into the app and turn it on/off, totally defeating the point of this plug. It’s too bad, I had good expectations for this company’s product quality.I love Gosund's products, this is my second purchase. I use 'em to regulate the heat lamps for my reptiles and they are reliable and well made. However, I was pretty disappointed with the instructions for setup with this order. Not sure if there was a mix up or what, but my instruction booklet told me to install an app called "Go Smart" to use these plugs. The reason I purchased GoSund's plugs again was so I can keep everything on the Smart Life app that I already had and used. I was pretty disappointed and confused as to why Gosund would use two different apps for the same brand of plugs, but oh well, what was I to do? I downloaded the Go Smart app and it was basically the same interface as the Smart Life app, but the instruction booklet I had did not match up with what the app said. Instruction booklet told me to go into Add Device > + > Electrical > Electrical Outlet. In the Go Smart app, there was no option for "Electrical". I fumbled around and guessed as best I can and ended up picking "Electrical Engineering" and then choosing "Socket (Wi-Fi)" as there was no "Electrical Outlet" option either. Some more fumbling and guessing later, I figured I'm way off because it's not working at all. tried "Easy Mode" and "AP Mode." I come back to and look over the reviews, thinking I'm the only idiot that can't figure out something so simple. The reviews show everybody using the Smart Life app, which the instruction booklet I had didn't mention. I shrug and try it anyway, I got nothing to lose at this point. Go through the setup the same way I did my first Gosund plugs, and lo and behold it worked! Even the box had the app "Go Smart" on it so I'm not sure if this was just a manufacture error or if I got a really old box when they used to use the Go Smart app or something, but I'm just grateful I got it to work in the end.TL;DR: Instruction booklet advised me to download a completely different app that was seemingly useless. Messed up the whole setup process since I was trying to set up the plugs to an app that wasn't meant for each other.