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Wired Indoor Camera

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  • Indoor WiFi camera for home security with 24/7 live video and night vision for clear video, no matter how dark it is.
  • High definition 1080p surveillance camera with 130-degree wide-angle view, 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, and 8x zoom.
  • Mobile alerts and notifications let you know when your indoor camera spots activity. See what you missed with a 3-hour snapshot history and take action or save the event to share with friends and family.
  • Google Nest uses industry-leading security to protect your video feed and information. Enable two-factor authentication to take your account protection to the next level.
  • Easy to install. Just download the Nest app and follow the instructions to add your new security camera to your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great camera, even without subscription.

Purchased this camera to use as a baby monitor. It works great. The quality of the picture is very good, in both light and darkness. The sound is OK, not great, but certainly adequate for most purposes. The camera setup was very easy, and the app has a simple user interface.My biggest concern was what features would be available without a paid subscription. Without a subscription you can view the live feed remotely, view the past feed (not sure how far back), get notifications based on sound and/or movement, have an intercom between the app and camera. For me, that's every feature I needed.The features available without a subscription, and the quality of the camera and app have been great. I'll definitely be buying more of these.


I never have to question what trouble my little kids are getting into in the other room any more! I can access the video feed from my phone, tablet, or computer very easily. It was simple to set up, and it is even easy to move around to other rooms or take on the go. When we visit family and put a little one down for a nap, we take one of these with us and it sets up so easily that we have a video monitor on the go! It is sturdy and well constructed, so taking it on the go won't cause it any harm. The base is magnetic and mounts to the wall, so the camera is easily just pulled off and moved, and then put right back up again. The wide angle is AMAZING! When we were replacing our baby video monitor with these, I was concerned about not having the pan and scan option, but there is no need with these things! I can see wall to wall with no problem!

Dealing with Nest can be a nightmare...

I purchased 3 nest indoor cameras for my 2 homes because I have care providers in each and a parent with memory issues, and when trying to connect my two accounts the person at NEST deleted my account that was observing my parent's front door!! I had to travel 5 hours to fix it and open a new account! And they erased all the video footage I had stored, which I had not downloaded yet. I only kept buying Nest because I already purchased one. Otherwise, I would have just gone with another company. Nest is to difficult to deal with, and I don't have the patience for it all. I do like that I can view my home without a subscription though, so that's good because I did not want to buy 3 subscriptions.

Very good nanny cam!

This is my second nest cam. I have had one for years that I used to spy on my dogs all day that I never had any issues with. However it had been sitting in a drawer for a while because I was home on maternity leave and wasn’t really needing to use it. But now I have twins and needed a second camera for a nanny cam setup (one for their bedroom and another for the living room). Because my first camera is about 4 years old and i don’t know how much life it has left in it, I was hesitant to fork over another $200 for an additional nest camera. Also, I do find the subscription for extra features and the ability to store footage for two cameras pricey. Because of this I decided to forego my old nest cam (that still worked fine) and purchased two cameras made by a certain retailer that offers two day shipping. I used them a very short time and ended up sending them back to get the second nest cam despite the cheaper subscription and overall cost. Another reason I went back to nest is that I really liked the feature that allows you to turn off the status light (more on that in a moment), the ability to review the full day by scrolling through footage instead of having to watch individual movie clips like some other camera systems, and reliability as I have never really had any issues with the nest cam randomly going out (unlike the other cameras that will remain nameless).My favorite feature with this camera, which I think makes it a particularly good nanny cam, is the ability to turn off the status light. Maybe it was motherly instincts but i left the status light off the other day and my nanny assumed the camera was off. I didn’t have any issues with her before but it caught her on the phone, completely ignoring my 5m old daughter for 30 minutes, and then when her twin woke up, she laid them on the floor and shook toys in their faces, but lied to me and said she had done tummy time with them. She was obviously fired.I regret not having purchased the second camera sooner and setting it up with my other camera. I think it’s well worth the money for the features, clear picture and reliability. It can obviously be used for many purposes but it’s particularly good for keeping tabs on your kids/nanny. Also, considering my old camera (purchased in 2014) is still working without issues, I believe that I’ll get a lot of use out of this new one as well.

Why does the cam not integrate with ring alarm system? (Review later updated)

efore I start my revised review, let me state that there's been a lot of news lately about people hacking into Ring cameras, but this only happens when someone installs a new camera and doesn't update the default username and password (or has an extremely weak password which is easy for a hacker to guess). This is like leaving your front door open while on vacation. Your camera is sending and receiving signals over a wireless network. Anyone within range of the signal can potentially be a threat if you don't have good encryption (username and good password) set up on your camera. There's no logical reason for a Ring owner to not do this. Ring even stresses changing the default settings during the initial setup process. Bottom line, don't blame the car manufacturer if you leave the keys in your car and it gets stolen.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recently, I wrote a rather scathing 1 star review about the problems I was having with my new Ring Stick Up Wireless Battery Cam. I'm no stranger to wireless cams, having 10 hooked up and running seamlessly on another network as I write this, but I was totally frustrated with the connection reliability, not only with my two upper end cellphones, but also on my Galaxy Tab and Show. More times than not, the software wouldn't connect with the camera but when it did, the video was choppy. Notifications were also hit and miss. I have a great wireless mesh router system